Company High Tech Alliance LTD

The work of High Tech Alliance is aimed at the devopment and promotion of high-tech software and equipment used in various business industries which operate online.

Once being set up, the software operates automatically on trading and gambling platforms substituting manned specialists by using pre-programmed multimillion combinations and complex calculation formulas to obtain the result. This allows for the profit increase without attracting new associates.

This software's application scope includes the following areas:

1. Online trading platforms, such as FX, Alpari and similar online resources.

2. International poker rooms (such as PokerKing, PokerStars etc.)

3.Online resources offering betting services (such as WilliamHill, FavBet etc.)

Experience and knowledge of currently active traders, software engineers, players and formulas of the renowned specialists are at the heart of systematisation and development of this software. The work in the areas of mathematical analysis, probability, number theories and various programming languages is the core of our progress.

Also, a great deal of High Tech Alliance's profit consists of development and application of the following innovative technologies:

1. Various types of Bitcoin miners (industrial and individual)

2. Energy consumption reduction technologies of the already existing Bitcoin miners and farms;

3. Server cooling systems and special equipment for Bitcoin mining.

It is not a secret that there are many enterprises called "Bitcoin farms", which need the maximum productivity miners and smaller energy consumption. This is why High Tech Alliance collaborates with the leaders of Bitcoin production: Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Estonia, Finland and Luxemburg.

The company carries out experimental works with finished equipment while also looking into own developments to sell projects to private enterprises in the future. Although the Bitcoin mining system remains virtually unchanged, its mechanical structure may differ depending on climate conditions. That is exactly the kind of tests and research High Tech Alliance does.

Another important income source for the Company is crypto-currency trading. Taking into account our direct relation to Bitcoin mining, we perform especially well in this field because of the most accurate information on hands about real costs and potential price fluctuations for the next several days, which allows getting the most lucrative deals even in an unstable market situation.


Analysis of academic work and market experience of many prominent people is the crux of our computer systems:

  • Valeryi Lvovich Zhelezniakov<
    Valeryi Lvovich Zhelezniakov

    Known in the gambling world as the "Partizan", Dr Zhelezniakov had a doctoral degree in Physics and Mathematics, was an alumnus and lecturer in the MIPT, a champion of several "throw-in" games and a professional player. Valeryi is a legend for many players and casino operators in Russia.

  • Dmitry Stanislavovich Lesnoi<
    Dmitry Stanislavovich Lesnoi

    President of the Federation of Sports Poker in Russia and a developer of Mariyazh software. He is also the author of the Gambling House, the Russian Preferans and book series called the Mathematics of Casino Games (with more than 10 books in the series, including the Poker, the Roulette, and the one named Whether You Can Outplay a Gambling Machine)

  • William Timothy Gowers<
    William Timothy Gowers

    A British mathematician and Professor at the University of Cambridge. He was awarded the Fields Medal for research on functional analysis and combinatorics.

  • Ben Green<
    Ben Green

    A British mathematician, Fellow of the Royal Society and Professor of the University of Oxford. He specialises in combinatorics and number theory.

  • John Horton Conway<
    John Horton Conway

    A British mathematician who is notable for the invention of the cellular automaton called the Game of Life, although his contribution to mathematics is very diverse and reaches out many of its branches. He is currently active in the theory of finite groups, knot theory and number theory. Professor Conway also invented the Doomsday algorithm and is currently Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Princeton University.

  • Peter Gruber<
    Peter Gruber

    An Austrian mathematician specialising in geometric number theory.

  • Gary Lee Miller<
    Gary Lee Miller

    An American mathematician, Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2003 he won the ACM Paris Kanellakis Award with three others for the Miller–Rabin primality test, which is the fastest algorithm to determine whether a given number is prime.

  • Peter Griffin<
    Peter Griffin

    A mathematician and blackjack expert. He was given the honour to become one of the original seven members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Griffin's ideas and statistical observations are still used by card counters today.

  • Arnold Snider<
    Arnold Snider

    In 1981 he published the Blackjack Forum. Snyder has his own website, the BlackJackForumOnline, and is also the author of many books: the Blackbelt in Blackjack, the Blackjack Formula, the Big Book of Blackjack and others.

  • Thomas James Cloutier<
    Thomas James Cloutier

    A professional poker player who won six WSOP bracelets and twice came the second in the Main Event of the WSOP. In 1998 and 2002 Cloutier was named the Player of the Year by the Card Player magazine and in 2006 he was finally indcuted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

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