Apart from the various principal, extra bonuses and privileges which the company offers to its clients, the most active ones have an opportunity to get legal and material support for opening own company representative's office in their region. The main partner criteria for those planning to work actively through the representative's office are:

  • Individual business registration
  • Licence to provide advisory or consultancy services
  • Own deposit with Hight Tech Alliance of no less than $1,000.
  • The Investor must be a verified user
  • The total turnover of the Investor's structure must be more than $10,000
  • The offices must comply with the approved standards set out for each Investor individually.
  • The offices must bear a Hight Tech Alliance company sign (a template included)
  • The offices must have own Internet line with a copy of the provider agreement presented to the Company's executives.

IMPORTANT!!! Should you have any questions concerning branch opening, you must contact the technical support team first via a unique form on each page of the Website. Terms and concepts for working with an office may change, and information about it will be published in the news section.

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