Terms of Service and Agreement

High Tech Alliance Ltd., mentioned hereafter as the Company, registered at 1 Ropemaker Street, London, England EC2Y 9HT, agrees to enter into a contract on the following terms with an individual, named the User hereafter, who voluntarily agrees to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and acknowledges that they have been properly registered as required by ss.3.2,3.3 and 3.4 below.


This Agreement regulates the legal relations arising between the User and the Company by using the investment software provided by the Company (the Programme hereafter) through the website www.ht-alliance.com (the Website hereafter).


By accepting these terms and conditions, the User acknowledges their agreement with all sections listed below.

The User's agreement to the terms is a mandatory condition for participating in the programme, registering as a participant and using any of the products and services provided to the User by the Company through the Website.


The User acknowledges that he has full capacity to enter into this Agreement. Any terms may be altered by the Company without prior notification using publication of the actual version of the Agreement on the Website as means of communication.


1. General Terms

1.1. The Programme is an online investment project on the Internet at www.ht-alliance.com.

1.2. According to this Agreement, the Company provides the User with the following services:

  1. Access to the account and an opportunity to participate in the investment activity;

  2. Access to informational resources;

  3. Access to other events and services provided by the Company;

1.3 The terms of use for any product or services are published on the respective pages of the Website and are an integral part of this Agreement, thus, mandatory for compliance.

1.4. The User pays by themself for the software used on their computer and access to the Internet.


2.Operational Terms

2.1. Upon agreeing to and accepting these Terms of Service, the User becomes bound by all its terms, conditions and warranties.

2.2. Under this Agreement, the Company enables the User to use the Website at any time except for the times when necessary technical or upgrade works are conducted which may interfere with the User's access and which have not been caused by the Company deliberately. The Company also reserves the right to change the operational mode and availability hours at own discretion.

2.3. The Company reserves the right to change the Website's content at any time. The Users will be notified by a relevant, informative publication on the Website.

2.4. Investment into the Programme is made in strict accordance with the terms of investment published in the appropriate section on the Website.

2.5. Should the User breach this Agreement, the Company may deny them of any further access to the Website and subject them to punitive action, including, but not limited to a caution, temporarily block the account or complete deletion of their account without an option for future restoration. The Company may also apply for damages repayment or other legal actions.

2.6.The sanctions may be extended to any other User, despite the amount of their investment. Funds received from the User's investments will be frozen


3. User rights and obligations

3.1. Under this Agreement, the User may use the Website for private purposes only.

3.2. The User must go through the registration process: fill in a registration form and submit their acceptance of this Agreement.

3.3. The User agrees to provide full, truthful and accurate personal information about themself by giving answers to the questions in the registration form and also undertakes to update it regularly when such necessity arises, thus, keeping it actual.

3.4. The User chooses a nickname and a password during the registration process which will allow to identify them among other Website's Users. The Company has the right to prohibit usage of certain combinations of letters, digits and symbols as well as to remove them entirely.

3.5. The User must secure their password or other valuable data from third parties and, thereby, becomes responsible themself for the safety and security of their ID details as well as becomes potentially liable for any related losses.

3.6. The User may send his complaints, suggestions or remarks about the Website in writing using the Company's contact details published in the relevant Website section.

3.7. Every User has the right to voluntarily terminate their participation in the Programme upon expiration of the last activated deposit offer.

3.8. The User must present credible and accurate information about themself if such is requested on reasonable and motivated grounds by the Company, allowing to identify the owner of the account to verify it.

3.9. The User must contact the Company technical support services should they discover that their account and password have been compromised.

3.10. The User must respect and act accordingly concerning all other Website Users or Company representatives.

3.11. The User must not restrict access to other Users to the Website or hindrance either deliberately or accidently their access to it.


4. Company rights and obligations

4.1. The Company agrees to forbear from releasing information about the User submitted upon their registration deliberately to third parties.

4.2. The Company must not be liable for temporarily technical difficulties, issues with the Website, network operation or similar problems with any other technical systems as well as any problems with a computer the User chose to connect to the Internet.

4.3. The Company must not be liable for any losses sustained by the User in a result of their usage or ignorance of the information about the Programme or Website content.

4.4. The Company has the right to unilaterally deduct amounts from the User's account upon discovery of the event that led to an unfounded increase of the balance on their account.

4.5. The Company must not be liable for any actions of other Users.

4.6. The Company has the right to take any actions deemed necessary, permitted by law, to restrict or cease access to the User accounts in breach of this Agreement.

4.7. By accepting this Agreement, The User agrees to receive letters of an informative character, including, but not limited to news, notices, reminders, cautions or system messages relayed to the email address which the User specified upon registration. The mentioned may also be communicated via any other means, including SMS-text messages confirming provision of the requested Company's services; all in agreement with the Privacy Policy. The User grants the Company the right to send out the content mentioned above.


5. Other conditions

5.1. The Company does not guarantee that

  1. the Website software does not contain errors or will remain functional at all times;

  2. the service provision will comply with all User demands and will be provided at all times, promptly, expediently and without errors.

  3. the quality of a particular product or service obtained through the Website will reflect the aims or/and User expectations.

5.2. The Company shall not be liable for any losses or harm suffered by the User due to third party interventions.

5.3. The Company reserves the right to delete any information or materials from its servers of databases which may be deemed unacceptable, undesirable or breaching this Agreement.

5.4. The Company has the right to limit, increase or change the quality of the supplied services unilaterally without prior notice to the User. The Company has the right to unilaterally change terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time.

5.5. It is forbidden to use unlawfully obtained means for investment.

5.6. This Agreement commences upon acceptance by the User at their registration with the Programme. The User agrees that they have carefully and duly read and considered the terms and conditions outlined herein, and accepts them without any exceptions.

5.7. This Agreement has an expiry period of one year with an automatic prolongation including all changes and additions.

5.8. Any disputes arising from this Agreement must be resolved through negotiation within 30 working days. In the event of an alternative dispute resolution occurring within the specified period, it will be delivered to the defendant's local court for approval.

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